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Sure Bet Coffee

BLACK-TYPE BOLD Espresso Style Ground Coffee: 12oz. bag

BLACK-TYPE BOLD Espresso Style Ground Coffee: 12oz. bag

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Please let us make your dark dreams come true!

The Black-Type Bold is roasted in small batches from exquisite beans sourced from growers in Peru. Enjoy a rich, classic cafe-style cup with very nutty, caramel notes. This robust style is bold, but never bitter or smoky-flavored. Instead, it's rich and well-balanced with hints of cacao. 

It yields a gorgeous brew with any traditional brewing method, but this deep, smooth roast also works for K-cup/pod brewers!  Fill your basket filter to the tippy-top, set your machine to Strong, and revel in the deliciousness!

**To get even more flavor when brewing from a refillable K-Cup type filter basket, we like to fill our mugs with two espresso-sized cups made in a row from the same pod of Black-Type Bold coffee. It allows more contact between the coffee and hot water which yields more of its truly wonderful flavor.

This low-acidity roast also makes the yummiest cold brew, iced coffee, or coffee-tinis. Hot or cold, it's a SURE BET!

Check our BREWING GUIDE for more info about how to achieve the most delicious results from our varieties of premium coffee.

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