Brewing Guide

BLACK-TYPE BOLD Espresso-Style

  • For a Rich, Dark Cuppa Joe, any traditional brewing method, such as automatic drip or French Press, works great. The longer the brewing process and the more coffee you use, the more chance you can make your spoon stand vertically in your cup!
  • Yes, this deep roast works gorgeously for K-cup/pod brewers!  Fill your basket filter to the tippy-top, set your machine to Strong, and REVEL!
  • K-Cup HACK: To get even more flavor when brewing from a refillable filter basket, we like to fill our mugs by making two espresso-sized cups in a row from the same filled pod/basket of Black-Type Bold coffee. By making a full mug from two mini-batches rather than just hitting the larger mug-sized button once, the coffee gets more time in contact with the hot water. That always means MORE FLAVOR, and this flavor is Soooo Goood. Try it yourself!


CHESTNUT BREW Medium Roast (out of stock as of 2024, but if you're still using up your bags, try the tips below!)
  • For a Hot Cuppa Joe, any traditional brewing method, such as automatic drip or French Press, works great. This roast needs time in contact with the water to yield its best, well-balanced flavor. ** So Brew. Pour. PLOT WORLD DOMINATION.

**K-Cup or similar pod brewers may produce a weak cup, because the water passes too quickly through the grounds for this flavor to develop fully. 

  • For Delectable Cold Brew, our favorite way to make the CHESTNUT, just mix the ground coffee into water at the proportion of approximately 1:8. That means 1 part coffee to every 8 parts water. An easy starting recipe is to mix 1/2 Cup of Ground Coffee into 32 Ounces of Fresh Water, plus a splash to make up for the water the grounds will soak up. Adjust the ratio to your taste. No matter how much you use, this cold brew will never taste bitter.
    Close the container and simply leave it to steep overnight on the counter or in the fridge. Anywhere from 16 to 24 hours is fine, but probably not fewer than 12 hours. Remove the grounds by pouring through a strainer lined with a coffee filter, a paper towel, a clean sock, whatever's handy. Add ice and any fixings you like. ENJOY THE LUSCIOUS HIGH-OCTANE BOOST AS YOUR BRAIN APPLAUDS.

Let us know what you think--we hope you'll 💗 our coffees like we do!