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Sure Bet Coffee

CHESTNUT (COLD) BREW Ground Coffee: 12oz. bag

CHESTNUT (COLD) BREW Ground Coffee: 12oz. bag

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This low-acidity, Brazilian Arabica is sourced directly from farms and growers, then micro-roasted in small batches for the best flavor before being ground. Flavor notes include milk chocolate, nuts, and brown sugar. This roast is uncommonly and delectably smooth, even at the full strength attained by Cold Brewing--our absolute favorite way to make it!

All our coffee comes in high-quality, matte-finish black bags with inset zipper closures and one-way air valves, thus protecting the magical goodness inside from air and light before it gets to you. This CHESTNUT BREW is truly the handicapper's friend. It's delightfully yummy, caffeinated brain-juice that helps keep you sharp through a whole race card!

And don't forget, every bag sold helps horses! Learn more here.

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